Sifers Valomilk
Creamy Flowing Marshmallow in Two Milk Chocolate Cups

Valomilk is a milk chocolate cup with marshmallow filling. 

Ooey, gooey marshmallow filling.  “Flowing,” in the company’s words, and they are not kidding.

This is absolutely the messiest candy you will ever eat. 

A lot of chocolates start to turn into a liquid mess after your warm fingers melt them.  This one comes from the wrapper with a marshmallow center that is already semi-liquid.  Even when chilled. 

Unless you eat the whole thing in one bite, it requires full attention to keep the dripping marshmallow under control.  Don’t even think about eating one of these in a formal setting.  Or anywhere you want to impress people with your neatness and refinement.

Just look at my pictures of two of these cups after I cut them open.  One was at room temperature - about 72° F.  The chilled one sat in the freezer for just 20 minutes before posing for its portrait.  With apologies to Commander Bond, it was
chilled, not frozen


Room Temperature

These images play a little faster than real time, but I can guarantee they both play at the same speed.  Because originally they were one image - I only split it to get better resolution on this web page.

Now you can see why Valomilk bills itself as the original flowing center candy bar.

The soft marshmallow filling in Valomilk cups was “invented” in the early 1930s in Kansas City.

The story is that a candy maker at Sifers Candy Company put a bit too much vanilla into himself (real vanilla extract has about as much alcohol as whiskey or rum), and as a result ruined a batch of marshmallow.  It came out runny instead of firm. 

Ever alert to opportunity - and probably loathe to waste a batch of anything in the middle of the great depression - Harry Sifers tried ladling the stuff into milk chocolate cups. 

Voilà!  A star was born!

This candy is, as far as I know, unique.  Like a lot of unique things, you will probably either love it or hate it.  Personally, I love it.  Good ingredients, very messy.  To me the messiness is part of the experience.  But you decide.

Eighty-odd years and five generations of Sifers later, these gooey things are still made by Russell Sifers Candy Company, now in Merriam, Kansas.

Ingredients and Nutrition

The good news is, the ingredients list is high quality. 

There are no chemistry experiments and no hydrogenated anything.  The only ingredient that some folks have concern about is corn syrup.

Compared to most popular chocolate candy this recipe is practically perfect. 

For example, most commercial marshmallow uses gelatin (derived from animal “by-products”).  The ingredient that performs the same function here is egg whites



  • SUGAR,
  • SALT),


  • SUGAR,
  • SALT).


Ingredient quantity = 8

Ingredient counting nitpicks:
I counted “Vanilla" and "Pure Vanilla" as one ingredient, not two.
I did not count “Distilled Water.”

This bar has 280 calories, with 120 of them (43%) from fat.

Valomilk can be difficult to find.  I got this one at a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

I paid $1.69 for this 2 ounce bar.  For comparison purposes, that's $13.52 per pound.  Close to the top of the pricing range for popular chocolate candy.  I’m not complaining, though - it has better ingredients than most.

I'm giving this my personal score of 4.0 out of 5 stars for Overall Enjoyment, 3.6 for Nutrition, and 3.5 for Value. Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion.  Your mileage may vary, and there's no accounting for taste.

Now you know what a Valomilk is.  Any questions? 
You know where my Contact Page is!

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VALOMILK is sort of an acronym:  V-Alo-Milk, short for Vanilla-marshmALOw-MILK.

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