Find Your Perfect Chocolate Candy

We research the world to find the chocolate candy that perfectly suits your taste, or your special occasion.  Whether you are looking for the finest gourmet chocolate in the world, something to suit a special occasion, or a hard-to-find chocolate treat from childhood memory, this is the place.

Great chocolate can:
    •    Taste marvelous
    •    Improve your mood
    •    Enhance your health
    •    Improve your sex life (yes, really).

Bad chocolate can:
    •    Taste like motor oil
    •    Make you wish you hadn't eaten it
    •    Clog your arteries
    •    Reduce your sex drive.

The difference is mostly about:
    •    Your candy is how much chocolate, how much other things,
    •    What other things,
    •    How much of it you eat.

A little knowledge goes a long way in letting you, and your body, really enjoy your chocolate.  While avoiding problems from bad (or even fake) chocolate.

And this is the place to get that knowledge.

This is the place if you wonder what chocolate actually is, who invented it, where it comes from or how it's made?  Perhaps you want to learn what exactly makes the difference between fabulous chocolate and cheap chocolate?

If any of these questions are yours, you are in the right place:
    •    Where can I find the best gourmet chocolates to impress my honey?
    •    Which popular chocolate bars are tastiest?
    •    Which popular chocolate bars are healthiest?
    •    Which popular chocolate bars fit my taste?
    •    When did people first eat chocolate?
    •    Who invented the first chocolate bar?
    •    Who invented the milk chocolate bar?
    •    Which is healthier, milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
    •    Exactly what is chocolate?
    •    What kinds of chemicals do they put in my chocolate?
    •    Why do they put chemicals in my chocolate?
    •    How can I tell if my candy bar is made with imitation/fake chocolate?
    •    How can I tell if my chocolate is helping or hurting my health?
    •    Is there a connection between chocolate and sex?
    •    And more …

Whatever your chocolate candy quest, welcome!

Don't find what you're looking for?  Have a question or suggestion?  Please use my Contact Page to let me know.  I'll find your answer!

Chocolate candy eaten in a movie theater doesn't count. 
Because the calories all get lost in the dark, and can't find your waist.

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