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Are you a dark chocolate fan?  Welcome to Fannie May Dark Chocolates!

Are you a milk chocolate fan?  Go to Fannie May Milk Chocolates or read Dark Chocolate is Healthier.

Okay, first an admission:  when it comes to Fannie May I may be slightly biased:  I’m originally from Chicago, where Fannie May started.  And when I was a kid, my dad would sometimes, on special occasions, bring home a box of these marvelous treats.  After giving out a few, he would have to hide the box from me and my sister.  But even then, the Fannie May Dark Chocolates were always my first pick.

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Dark Chocolate is Healthier

There is progressively more research showing that chocolate, a natural product of the Theobroma cacao tree, has many health benefits.  In moderation, naturally.  Chocolate candy, of course, includes additional ingredients, not just chocolate.  Usually sugar or other sweeteners and dairy milk products, often nuts or fruit.  There is less evidence for health benefits from milk, and many people are allergic or have difficulty digesting it - even many who don’t realize that they do.  And sugar is definitely not good for you.

Now, the darker the chocolate candy, the more actual chocolate there is, and the less sugar and milk products.  Sooo, it’s pretty clear that dark chocolate is healthier than milk chocolate, and the darker, the better.  Which is why Fannie May dark chocolates are even higher on my personal list than the rest of their yummy creations.

But - keep in mind that even treats like dark chocolate bon-bons have a big sugary center, so healthier chocolate is ever so much not an excuse to eat more!

Is that why I eat dark chocolate?  Well, no.  I eat it because I prefer its taste over milk chocolate. 

But if you don't, read the chocolate colored box below:

Prefer milk chocolate but want dark chocolate’s health benefits?

Read this.     (How to Change Your Taste)

Ever since I started drinking coffee, I always drank it with cream. Couldn’t stand it any other way. In fact if no cream were available, I would pass on the coffee.

Then one day I read a claim in a fitness book saying cream was bad for your health. Doesn’t matter if the claim was accurate, watch what happened next. Based on that health claim, I immediately stopped putting cream in my coffee. At first I hated it. But within a month I preferred black coffee and now I don’t like it with cream.

So, based on my admittedly unscientific personal experience, here’s my thought.  Buy a couple of pounds of dark chocolates. By the time you finish the box (not all at once!) you may have grown to like dark chocolate.

If so, you’ll get its health benefits from then on, without forcing yourself.

Fannie May Dark Chocolates are mostly about $25.00 a pound - well worth it in my opinion.  A little more if you want to Create Your Own Assortment, a little less for occasional sale items.

In life, of course, there's always good news and bad news.  But the bad news here is not very bad:  Many of Fannie May's recipes use hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.  And Mayo Clinic says those are definitely unhealthy.  However, here it's always in small amounts.  Combined with the obvious - that we shouldn't be eating great quantities of any kind of candy - it doesn't seem unreasonable.

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The first Fannie May retail store opened at 11 North LaSalle Street, in the heart of Chicago’s famed “Loop”, in 1920.

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