Dove Dark Chocolate
Silky Smooth

This Dove Dark Chocolate is a solid bar of nothing but semisweet chocolate. 

The wrapper does not say how much chocolate there is.  But in the U.S., there must be at least 35% chocolate liquor  (unsweetened chocolate) in order for it to be called semisweet.

Dove chocolate was developed by a small family candy business on the south side of Chicago. 

Called - surprise! - Dove Candy Shop. 

From 1939 Dove grew in size and reputation for quality.

Finally in 1986 it was bought by Mars Candy. 

Interestingly, Mars is also a family-owned company, though much larger.



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Dove Dark Chocolate Ingredients and Nutrition

The ingredients list on this bar is pretty good.  Only 8 ingredients.  Usually the fewer ingredients in a chocolate bar, the less room to put in chemicals.  The only thing even slightly suspicious on the list here is artificial flavors.  So we don't really know exactly what it is.  However it's the last item on the list, meaning there's less if it than anything else.  Too, three of the 8 ingredients are components of the cocoa bean (chocolate, chocolate processed with alkali, and coca butter).  So we might say there are really only six ingredients.


    •    SUGAR,
    •    CHOCOLATE,
    •    COCOA BUTTER,
    •    MILKFAT,
    •    SOY LECITHIN,

Ingredients quantity = 8

This bar has 220 calories, with 120 of them (55%) from fat.  55% is well above average for a popular chocolate bar.  But that's not bad - it's good.  Because all the fats in this bar are from chocolate or butter (milkfat).  None are cheaper vegetable oils, and there's no hydrogenated anything.

These bars taste good.  They're above average on smooth texture.  And their nutritional value is pretty good.  For better nutrition, go with darker chocolate.  However, as I said these are good.  And you may not prefer the taste of very dark chocolate.

I paid $1.00 for this 1.44 ounce bar.  For comparison purposes, that's $11.06 per pound.  Just above the middle of the pricing range for popular chocolate candy.

I'm giving this my personal score of 4.0 out of 5 stars for Overall Enjoyment, 3.8 for Nutrition, and 3.9 for Value. Keep in mind this is just my personal opinion.  Your mileage may vary, and there's no accounting for taste.

Now you know what a Dove Dark Chocolate bar is.                                                                                               Any questions?  You know where my Contact Page is!


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The original Dove Candy Shop was located at West 60th Street and South Pulaski Road in Chicago.

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